The New McWrap, from McDonald’s

Today I am going to discuss the new McDonald’s Chicken McWrap (as seen on Supertaster Daily). The McWrap is in essence a larger version of the McDonald’s Snack Wrap. As for packaging, the concept was neat having an apple pie-esque container with a tab pull to get to the product itself.

The only ingredient difference besides portion size is that the McWrap comes in different flavors than the snack wraps (Ranch, Sweet Chili, and Bacon) and has cucumbers alongside spring greens in the interior.


You still have the ability to choose between either crispy or grilled chicken for each making there a total of six separate possibilities. I went and decided to try one for myself and  decided to go with the Crispy Chicken and Bacon variety.


Overall, the appeal just wasn’t quite there for me. All it is, as stated before is a larger version of a Snack Wrap that does a more adequate job of satiating your appetite. When choosing your type of chicken, grilled chicken is definitely the way to go if you’re watching your calorie intake. As always, grilled chicken is a healthier alternative because it isn’t fried with oil like the crispy variety and this shows in its calorie values.

The grilled chicken McWraps all weigh in at about 400 calories as opposed to their Crispy cousins that come in at about 600 calories respectively.

If you are a fan of eating healthy, then you should probably go with the Sweet Chili variety. These weigh in at approximately 520 calories (Crispy) and 330 calories (Grilled) and are choice of the weary eye. This is compared to the Ranch (590 calories Crispy, 430 calories Grilled), and the Bacon variety (600 calories Crispy, 440 calories Grilled).

With the Sweet Chili Flavor, you lose the mayonnaise based ranch sauce and the greasy bacon which although they may not taste quite as good, they are much better for you. That’s not to say that they taste bad either. In retrospect, were I to order this item again I would definitely replace my order with the Grilled Sweet Chili variety.


Overall, as for flavor… it is borderline, having a vague sense of familiarity. If you’re looking for something to appeal to the senses whilst still delivering nutritional value, I would probably look elsewhere on the McDonald’s menu.

That being said, to each his own and I recommend trying it if there is any speculation or curiosity toward the product. All in all it isn’t a bad product and my recommendations would probably side with the Grilled Sweet Chili variety if I were to choose one because it is  the best of the six options for you.


One thought on “The New McWrap, from McDonald’s

  1. Thom Lieb

    Good initial post for your blog. I like your use of photos. I recommend you do not link several times to the same thing, though, as you do for ” McWrap” — it is confusing to the reader. Also, it appears you have posted this twice. 2 pts.


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