The New Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Grilled Chicken Flatbread

Today I am going to discuss the new Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Grilled Chicken Flatbread (as seen on Regg Reviews). This new flatbread is a nice splash of diversity in the increasingly similar Wendy’s Menu.

This product comes in two different varieties, the Asiago Ranch (Multigrain Flatbread, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Asiago Cheese, Tomatoes, Spring Vegetables, and Ranch Sauce) or the Honey Mustard (Multigrain Flatbread, Grilled Chicken, Tomatoes, Spring Vegetables, and Honey Mustard Sauce). As seen in the ingredients the Asiago Ranch has a lot more ingredients on it, so I decided to try that one.



As for the flavor, the true value of this sandwich is definitely in the extras that you add onto it, and not in the chicken itself. The chicken is recognizably there, but totally outdone by the ranch, bacon, and cheese. The flatbread itself does have a nice sweet taste to it that sort of pulls it all together. Overall, it tastes pretty good and is something I’d recommend if you’re looking solely for flavor. It’s definitely something new and exciting in the fast food world.



Now then, for nutrition.

Here are the caloric values as stated on the Wendy’s Nutrition Calculator App:

Asiago Ranch Flatbread: 530 calories

Honey Mustard Flatbread: 370 calories

The Honey Mustard variety has less of the fatty ingredients that you’ll find in the Ranch version and as a result is much fewer calories. I would definitely recommend going for the Honey Mustard variety, because as I’ll say time and time again: mustard is the best condiment choice for someone trying to eat healthier. Also, be careful…because mustard stains clothes.

If you want to take eating healthy to the next level, order the Honey Mustard Variety, but ask for no sauce on the sandwich. This way you’ll evade the Bacon, Cheese, Ranch, and Honey mustard that would add potential calories to your meal. Just by removing the Honey Mustard sauce, you take 100 calories off of the sandwich, taking it from 370 calories to 270 calories.  Order a sauce-less Honey Mustard variety with Apple Slices and a Water and you’re looking at a 310 calorie meal that will satisfy both your taste buds and your daily caloric limit (aiming for 1500 calories per day).


All in all, for the new Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Flatbreads, there is a lot of potential. They taste great and when ordered correctly can be an awesome choice in your meal plan. I would highly recommend trying one. Also, feel free to experiment with their nutrition calculator (as mentioned above). It’s a great way to find out where things that you enjoy stand on a nutritional scale.



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